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Hello Again...

2008-05-28 21:42:49 by Emerald-Fox

Well it's been a while and I have too say...probably too long. Just be aware that the cliché is not dead! Currently I am working on several projects but soon will submit the next cliché...a hint you say...well ok it has a motorbike, cool music and as always a surprise twist. (Of course the twist will be 'lame' but that's how I role).
Anyway the point of this message was to re-affiliate myself with Newgrounds and get back into the habit of 'Newgrounding'.
So hello to everyone and hope you will enjoy the flashes which I will be submitted very soon!

This is Emerald-Fox signing off.


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2008-12-11 21:21:48

Damn it Fox submit something everyone thought you were dead I was handing out missing posters out for the last three months!


2010-06-21 10:30:21

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