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My next Flash?

2007-11-02 03:17:51 by Emerald-Fox

I can't decide which of my next two projects to start first. Should I do a transformer or raptor movie? The will both be big projects so I just wanna know what one all of you think I should do first (or if I should do a mash movie of the two). Any feed back would be good so please leave a comment.

My next Flash?


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2007-11-02 04:14:25

I dunno, raptor? (Looks easier to draw)
But you could get the harder one over first....

I gotta give you something, right? ^^
I say..... Raptor

Emerald-Fox responds:

Raptor 1: Transformers 0


2007-11-02 04:56:39

Raptor Movie. Definitely.

Emerald-Fox responds:

Raptor 2: Transformers 0


2007-11-02 07:34:19

I like dinosaurs so I would say raptor

Emerald-Fox responds:

Raptor 3: Transformers 0 (hmm I think it's gonna be raptors)


2007-11-02 08:36:34

How about merging Transformers and Dino Riders? :D

Emerald-Fox responds:

I was thinking about that as well...and it could happen. We'll wait and see.


2007-11-02 09:04:56

its completely possible to work on a couple things at once, MULTITASKING! that way when your getting sick of working on transformers, you can just switch to raptors whenever you want.

Emerald-Fox responds:

Sorry I'll rephrase my question: Which one should I finish first. lol.